Dr. Nataliya Yatsevich

Dr. Nataliya Yatsevich

Nataliya was born and raised in the small Eastern European country of Belarus. She visited the United States as a child and fell in love with people’s hospitality and acceptance of diversity. When it was time to pursue higher education, Nataliya had an opportunity to move to the United States permanently.

Nataliya attended Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT and earned her Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a focus in Neuroscience. Nataliya graduated Cum laude and was honored to become a member of PSI CHI, The International Honor Society in Psychology. Later, she decided to explore different volunteering opportunities in the medical field. Nataliya was inspired by the way Physical Therapy can transform people’s lives, and she decided to pursue her Doctorate Degree in the field.

Nataliya graduated from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. After graduation, Nataliya was torn between multiple job offers she had received in many different physical therapy settings. Due to her great motivation to learn and explore, Nataliya accepted 3 offers including a position in an Outpatient Office, Skilled Nursing Facility, and a Home Health agency.

Nataliya loved all three jobs and enjoyed the dynamic lifestyle she had, but there were exciting changes ahead. Nataliya received a different proposal and this time it wasn’t work-related. Her then significant other, John, asked her to marry her and to move to Juneau, Alaska. Once in Juneau, Nataliya fell in love with the picturesque beauty of Alaska and had no hesitation deciding to stay here.

In her physical therapy approach, Nataliya believes that the best strategy is not masking the symptoms, but rather getting to the root of the cause, figuring out what has lead to the impairment in the first place and changing the pattern that had resulted in the issue. Nataliya loves empowering her patients, helping them understand how they can take control of the situation, instead of relying on the help of medications or other interventions that simply don’t resolve the problem.

During her spare time, Nataliya loves working out and spending time with her sweet puppy, Ka’Dargo. Nataliya loves hosting and cooking delicious Eastern European dishes like homemade pierogi and draniki (potato pancakes).

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