Arctic Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy is an Alaskan company with an “authentically Alaskan” origin.

Arctic Chiropractic was founded by Alaskans for Alaskans in 2005 to offer chiropractic services to under served, rural areas where services were greatly needed. The company has gone from a one-man itinerant clinic, servicing a few locations in rural Alaska, to a network of 23 chiropractic clinics, a medical center and 11 physical therapy clinics, spanning the state from Utqiaġvik (Barrow) to Dutch Harbor, Nome to Ketchikan, and most places in between.

From early on, the founders knew the next step in advancing chiropractic healthcare in Alaska was to bring it to the areas in Alaska that needed it most and had little access to it. The founders have been able to do this, and it’s been the most rewarding aspect of their efforts. We’ve brought a lot to places that didn’t have many, if any options before.  The larger clinics in the bigger cities and towns, offer many treatment options and expertise for health and wellness, and usually more than one location, so patients can choose the clinic most convenient for them.

The great doctors along the way: Doctors Ed Foster, Rob Lewis, Dwayne Engelbrecht, Lew Pagel, Miranda Montejo, James Chavis, and
Jamie McNabb, to name a few, have built Arctic Chiropractic to what it is today.  The communities, both large and small across the state, have welcomed Arctic Chiropractic, as well as the hard-working staff and therapists on the Arctic team are why we are in so many Alaskan communities today.  Arctic Chiropractic provides a service, and they do it well, but without the amazing team, there would be no Arctic.

The group of clinics are unique, as well, in that they are owner-operated. We have built a clinic network that is truly a team of doctors and professionals who share the vision of health and wellness for all of Alaska.

Arctic’s commitment to service doesn’t just extend into healthcare— there are several veterans among the doctors and staff of Arctic, including, Dr. Justin Petersen of the Utqiaġvik and Eagle River offices (USMC), Dr. Laura Homaki of the Unalaska and Dutch Harbor clinics (Army), and Dr. Woody Waldroup, formerly of the Dillingham and Eagle River clinics (Navy).

Arctic clinics offer a multi-disciplinary approach, with chiropractic and physical therapy at most locations and other practitioners and therapists, employing massage, deep tissue, naturopathic, and
other conservative care treatments to accomplish the best outcomes for each and every patient.

If you are in pain with stiff, sore joints, muscles, headaches, neck aches, or backaches, or you have been injured or have a limited range of motion, more than likely, Arctic Chiropractic can help. The help we offer goes after the cause of your pain or lack of mobility—and doesn’t just treat the symptom. Our primary focus is working with the body to allow it to repair, strengthen, and heal itself. We offer more lasting solutions, not just to get you better, but to get you well.

“Arctic is blessed. This company owes its growth and success to the communities that welcomed us in, the patients who came to us in their time of need, and the many, many people who have worked long and hard to provide the quality care that we strive for,” says the spokesperson for Arctic Chiropractic “What we have been able to do is a testament to the skill, ethic, love, and goodwill of all those people. That we are able to help the people we help, in all the cities and towns in this state that we love, is as satisfying and rewarding as it gets.”

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