DCs face challenges outside the norm and sometimes outside belief when performing Alaska chiropractic care for patients.
It’s probably been a while as a Doctor of Chiropractic since you’ve loaded a folding adjustment table into a small four-seater Cessna to fly to a small town, or accepted barter instead of a fee for service, or set up your table beside an ice rink in 30-below weather or driven your snowplow down a frozen river to service the small villages along it.

Chiropractic in some of the rural regions of Alaska can be a different animal.

Being at the start and finish of the Iditarod [dog race] with a folding table, that’s an experience,” says a spokesperson on behalf of Arctic Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy in Alaska. “To be a chiropractor here, you gotta love some of the things that make it difficult. You have to enjoy contending with Mother Nature, or it’s not the place for you.”

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