Thousands of Alaskan’s suffer from joint and muscular pain on a daily basis. Many of us in Alaska try to stay active whether fishing down on the Kenai, hiking one of Alaska’s mountain ranges, or just tending our gardens during the extremely short growing season. From all our work and activities we all develop aches, pains, sore joints and tired muscles. If these aches and pains persist or if you are injured life can be put on hold and you can miss out on the wonderful outdoor activities that Alaska offers.

Too often Alaskan’s that are injured or in pain don’t get the treatment they need to fully recover and get out of pain. If you or someone you know has been dealing with pain and injury they probably have sought treatment form their Medical provider, Chiropractor, or Physical Therapist. What is the best way to get out of pain? Who can provide the best care for your conditions?

Stop guessing because there are now better options to solve your painful joint and muscle conditions.

By combining Physical Therapy and Chiropractic care for patients with injury we can effectively restore function and reduce pain through a multi-disciplinary approach. Although both Physical Therapy and Chiropractic aims to restore function to injured patients often physical therapy can help provide the restorative treatments for extremities and muscular conditions, while chiropractic care strives to address spinal and joint dysfunction. By combining these two methods patients no longer have to go through several appointments at different facilities in hopes that they are getting the best care. Together the chiropractor can address the structural problem and the physical therapist can develop treatments to help strengthen and protect the injured areas.

For those with suffering from low back pain the multidisciplinary approach starts with an assessment by the chiropractor and physical therapist. Once the diagnosis is reached the chiropractic adjustments can be utilized to address the skeletal structure and ensure healthy joint alignment. With proper joint and spinal alignment it becomes necessary to ensure that stability and strength are addressed. The ability and expertise of the physical therapist can provide exercises, stretches and joint mobilization to the patient’s area of injury or pain. Together both the Physical Therapist and the Chiropractor provide effective rehabilitation to the areas of pain and dysfunction thus allowing Alaskans to return to work and play, free from pain and injury.

If you or someone you know has been dealing with chronic joint or muscle pain without a solution then stop waiting and try the remarkable multifaceted approach the Arctic Chiropractic and Physical Therapy utilizes to treat back, neck, shoulder, knee pain in addition to patients that are recovering from surgery or new injuries. Your road to recovery and life without pain could be right around the corner with treatment form the experts at Arctic Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. Remember, “Life  is Good when you are Pain Free”.

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