Anastasia Padias

Anastasia Padias,
I come from a myofascial background and have been practicing for 9 years. My career has been focused on medical massage therapy as well as phyisotherapy rehabilitation. I spent 2 years working in the hospital arena before working for a chiropractor for 6 years. I am the only FST (fascial stretch therapist) in AK and 1 of 200 in the world. I have worked for the Arizona cardinals NFL team and San Franscisco Giants MLB team. I have very extensive knowledge in myofascial work & re-patterning. I have 6 soft tissue certifications including myofacial scraping and kinesiology taping. I love working with soft tissue injuries of any kind and with any patient of any age. I compete professionally in jiu jitsu and am a world champion as well as a national & state champion. My own injuries and rehab are what fuel my passion to help people in need. I played softball in college before an injury brought me towards my career in physio rehab.

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