Lea Otto

Lea was born and raised in Anchorage Alaska. She was instantly dad’s little adventure buddy. They went on many hunting trips for rabbits, ptarmigan, moose, deer, and every summer returning to their favorite fishing holes.

She has always enjoyed spending time and helping him with whatever was needed, no matter how big or small the task he always gave me such a meaningful “Thanks leach” or a “dang you’re strong”! Hearing that always made her feel good being able to help someone when they needed it. She also has a cousin who always asked her for massages when they were younger. She suffered from jaw, neck, and back problems and Lea’s massage helped to alleviate some of the pain. Her cousin always told her she had strong hands. Although a career in massage was the furthest thing from her mind back then.

A year after high school Lea’s older brother was attending Charter Career College obtaining his I.T. degree. His accomplishments gave her the idea to do some research into Alaska Career College. She saw they offered a massage therapy program and she knew what she had to do! In 2014 she graduated ACC as a licensed massage therapist! She was offered a position before she even graduated and went to work immediately. While working, she continued to learn, taking continued education courses for deep muscle therapy, aromatherapy, and hot stone massage.

She was introduced to the chiropractic world in 2017 when she started working for a clinic in Anchorage. She really started to see how the chiropractic and massage therapy world really coincide with each other and how beneficial they are together. She saw patients transform, their demeanors, postures, and even their muscles through the care they received. They could do more, longer with less pain.

Lea’s passion is to keep learning about massage, health, and fitness so she can continue sharing joy, knowledge, and bodywork with everyone she meets for years to come.

She is educated in deep tissue, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, hot stone, prenatal, sports massage, reflexology, and myofascial release.

Two years ago she bought her first house with an acre and a half of land out in the wild woods of Wasilla. She loves the peacefulness and the beautiful surroundings with the birds chirping and the sun shining through the windows providing that beautiful wake up every day.

When she is not at work helping heal her patients, she is a homebody. She enjoys cooking, cleaning, or binging her favorite shows on Netflix. She can also be found playing with her two fur kids, and America Bull Dog, and a Bichon Frise / Red Toy Poodle and hosting a family bbq or playing volleyball in the summer, or next to a bonfire drinking hot coco enjoying the winter snow.