Jen is a Montanan, transplanted to Alaska in 2016 when her husband’s company transferred them from Malamstrom AFB to JBER. His job may have brought her here, but the endless adventures ahead will keep her here for many years to come. With over 20 years in customer service, Jen has found her calling in the world of Chiropractic. She loves being part of a team of Natural Practitioners whose primary goal is patient wellness. To better assist her team and her patients, she achieved her certification as a Certified Clinical Chiropractic Therapy Assistant in 2018.

She also doubles as the clinic’s Compliance Manager. She works behind the scenes to make sure our clinic is always at the forefront of all HIPAA and OSHA protocols to ensure complete compliance with all federal and state guidelines.

Jen is passionate about patient care. She takes immense pleasure in seeing a patient who may have come in bent and broken with difficulty performing daily tasks seeking relief from pain achieve their goals. The joy in seeing them walk, drive, return to work pain-free, or even carrying their own child again is infectious. She believes wholeheartedly in the teachings of B.J. Palmer “The preservation of health is easier than a cure for disease.” And knows a well-rounded treatment plan from her Chiropractor is key to the preservation of health.

When Jen is not in the clinic, she is a homemaker at heart. She loves to cook, bake, craft, and explore her surroundings with her husband and their 3 Australian Cattle Dogs: Holly, Remmy and Ruger. Together they hit every yard sale and antique shop they come across to find inspiration for new projects geared towards redoing their home in a funky quirky style all their own.