Health Care Fee Schedule
for Arctic Chiropractic Eagle River

This notice is being posted in accordance with AS 18.23.400. Disclosure and reporting of health care services, prices, and fee information. Effective January 1, 2019 and until further notice, the Arctic Chiropractic Eagle River charges the following undiscounted fees for the listed health care services: 

You will be provided an estimate of the anticipated charges for your non-emergency care upon request. Please do not hesitate to ask for information. 

The undiscounted prices listed below may be higher or lower than the amount an individual actually pays for the health care services described. 

Arctic Chiropractic Eagle River is contracted to provide health care services as an in-network preferred provider with Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska.

Billing CodeDescriptionFee
97140Manual Therapy Per Unit$86
Billing CodeDescriptionFee
98940Chiropractic Adjustment 1-2 Regions$75
98941Chiropractic Adjustment 3-4 Regions$111
98942Chiropractic Adjustment 5 Regions$135
98943Extremity Adjustment – i.e. Shoulder, Wrist, Ankle$57
97302Electrical Muscle Stimulation Per Unit$75
97014Electrical Stimulation$59
97010Hot or Cold packs$53
97530Therapeutic Activity Direct PT Contact 15 Minutes$105
97112Neuromuscular Re-education 15 min per unit$103


You may also find a copy of this fee schedule on our website at 

The State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services website address is