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Dr. Laura Toomey

Dr. Laura Toomey graduated with her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2014. She began her PT career working at one of the largest public hospitals in the country and Level 1 Trauma Center, Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, for four years where she saw a wide variety of patient populations and specialties from trauma, to neurology, pediatrics, spine, transplants, orthopedic, and medical/surgical patients.

Dr. Laura began traveling as PT in 2018 with her husband and fellow PT Dr. David Huie.

They have since expanded their skills in physical therapy working in different settings including sub-acute rehabilitation, outpatient, home health, and acute care. They have been to Texas, South Carolina, California and now finally Alaska – The number ONE on their bucket list!

Dr. Laura is passionate about her career as a physical therapist as she enjoys helping her patients return to their activities and prior level of function without limitation. Dr. Laura uses evidence-based practice and focuses on teaching her patients functional movements and correcting movement patterns to ensure lasting outcomes.

Outside of her work, she enjoys traveling, hiking, spoiling her dog, and exploring Alaska!