Dr. Kevin Lewis

Dr. Kevin Lewis is a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada native. He studied Kinesiology; the study of human movement, at the University of the Fraser Valley. Kevin earned his Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from the University Of Western States. He continued studying and went on to receive his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine in 2011 from Western States University.

Dr. Kevin Lewis finds the Chiropractic profession deeply satisfying as it combines is lifelong involvement with sports and his equally involved participation in outdoor activities. A complete people person, Kevin has a strong interest in healing and enjoys working with his hands.

Kevin describes himself as an individual who has been intrigued with the combination of scientific information, personal interaction and problem solving elements. He loves how he gets to rely on these strengths each day of working in his exciting profession. In 2012, Kevin relocated to Fairbanks to practice alongside his brother Dr. Rob Lewis. This move additionally brought his family closer to his wifes relatives; enhancing their family.

Dr. Kevin Lewis enjoys providing care to patients of all age groups and backgrounds. He is committed to offering the most effective means of healing. He believes that an essential component to the healing process is correcting and searching for the source of the issue or presenting complaint. Rehabilitative exercises are prescribed along with therapeutic support in order to strengthen and protect the affected locations from places of further injury.

Dr. Kevin Lewis has successfully worked with patients suffering from acute neck, back or extremity stiffness and pain. He has much experience in treating a myriad of musculoskeletal issues and chronic headaches. Dr. Lewis has worked with numerous patients who have suffered from trauma due to automobile accidents and workplace injuries.

Dr. Kevin Lewis enjoys working with his talented colleagues at Arctic Chiropractic Fairbanks and also at Arctic Physical Therapy. It is an extremely rewarding experience to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals through rehabilitation. When he has a break from treating patients, Dr. Kevin Lewis likes to play the guitar and piano, enjoy time on the water boating and fishing and playing basketball.

Dr Rob Lewis

Dr. Rob Lewis graduated in 2004 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from the Western States University. He is Board Certified with the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, along with the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Dr. Rob has an extensive 9 years of experience maintaining a busy professional practice. He has earned a positive reputation in Fairbanks as being a distinguished health care professional and reputed Chiropractic Physician. Dr. Rob Lewis is committed to working with patients of all ages. He accurately diagnoses a variety of muscular conditions, skeletal issues and neurological problems. Dr. Lewis takes tremendous pride in helping residents enjoy the greatest degree of mobility possible while enabling his patients to feel their best.

Dr. Rob Lewis brings a holistic and diversified approach to chiropractic care. He enjoys customizing his patients treatment plans in order to meet every patients particular needs. He works with spinal adjustments, injury and pain elimination techniques, disc decompression, extremity adjustments, spinal traction and numerous self-care exercises. He incorporates functional evaluation, neuromuscular rehabilitation and postural awareness into his care.

Committed to helping people feel their very best, Dr. Rob Lewis provides exceptional care to his patients. He is dedicated to helping patients eliminate back pain, work-related injuries, chronic headaches, automobile incidents and debilitating neck pain.

Dr. Rob Lewis is an avid believer that chiropractic care should ideally extend past the office. He takes time to listen to his patients in order to learn about their specific habits and lifestyles. Dr. Rob Lewis offers numerous creative strategies for clients to utilize at work and at home. Recommendations include: core strengthening exercises, relaxation techniques and certain stretches to help people achieve greater mobility and stay healthier. Those who maintain better physical and mental health are capable of healing potentially much faster than others.

Dr. Lewis enjoys living an active lifestyle. He can often be found playing basketball, running or completing gym workouts.