Dr. Tomcykowski

I did not begin my professional career as a chiropractor. Instead, I followed the majority of my family into the medical field and became a Registered Nurse specializing in pediatric oncology. Although I initially found this to be a rewarding career, I soon became disheartened. I was continuing to pump sick children full of medications, only to watch them become sicker. After several years, I had had enough and began to search for a way that I could better help these children. I discovered Chiropractic while researching careers in alternative health. I already knew the body had amazing healing powers, and a career teaching others how their body functions and heals was exactly what I had been looking for. I immediately applied at New York Chiropractic College and was enrolled less than a month later.

Following my graduation in 2007, I moved to Alaska where I spent just over 2 years working for Arctic Chiropractic in several communities throughout the state. Although I enjoyed working in Alaska, I missed my family, which led to my return to the east coast. In May of 2012, I returned to Alaska, this time to Dutch Harbor to once again join the Arctic Chiropractic team.