John Grounds D.C.

John Grounds D.C.

Hello, my name is John Grounds D.C. I moved from Houston, Texas to join the Arctic Chiropractic team here in Ketchikan. My hobbies include hiking, soccer, running, weight training, reading novels, board/card games, and most importantly talking about my Great Pyrenees dog Luna.

My chiropractic education background started with an interest in physical therapy but soon transitioned to chiropractic care after an internship in high school and witnessing firsthand the relief chiropractic care provides. I graduated with a bachelor’s in Human Fitness and Performance from the University of Houston in Clear Lake while working as a personal trainer. From there, I graduated Texas Chiropractic College in 2017 with a focus on sports medicine. After completing school, I immediately started working as Clinic Director at the north branch of the multidisciplinary practice QualCare Rehabilitation and Allied Medical Centers until I moved here in Sept 2020.

My philosophy of care is movement and exercise is the best medicine. With the right techniques to get the body moving properly, I believe chiropractic care can help most people suffering from daily aches and pains.

What sets me apart from other chiropractors is the utilization of specialized soft tissue techniques such as taping and soft tissue work with an instrument. By incorporating functional movement with muscle scraping called the FAKTR technique, I have been able to achieve amazing responses to care by all sorts of people. Along with using regular taping (Kinesio Taping), I’ve trained in sports medicine taping (Dynamic Taping) which provides additional mechanical support for a more speedy recovery.

This year, my goals include expanding my treatment options for optimized recovery. This includes becoming Dry Needling Certified and incorporating it at Arctic Chiropractic. I also plan on becoming more active in the community and getting to know the people of Ketchikan