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Bill Kazmaier

Bill Kazmaier is a former professional strength athlete, becoming a national and world champion power lifter, and 3 time worlds strongest man, before becoming an ESPN and CBS sports color commentator for Strongman events and a world renown Emcee in the world of strength sports.

Bill has always loved sports. He was a high school athlete and took on his passion for playing football to the collegiate level at University of Wisconsin-Madison. It wasn’t long after learning the fundamentals of power-lifting that Bill found his new passion and changed his concentration and focus 100% to lifting weights at the Madison YMCA. Hard work, persistence and finding the strength to squat 782 lbs, bench press 534 lbs, and deadlift 804 lbs in the 275-pound weight class, is what immediately placed him in the top rank in his first national powerlifting appearance. That was just the beginning for Bill.

In the 1980’s Bill had become famous for his claim to be “the strongest man who ever lived.” He is widely considered to be one of the all time greatest competitors in strength competitions. He is a world champion for Strongman and a professional wrestler. He has won two International Powerlifting Federation Championships and three World’s Strongest Man titles!

Bill made his journey to Alaska in 2011, and has since made it his home. When he is not traveling abroad, hosting and emceeing strongman events across the globe, or doing interviews for national and international networks, he can be found at one of the various Arctic Chiropractic clinics, around the entire state, giving care and wisdom as a soft tissue and exercise specialist. He is also an accomplished public and motivational speaker, and has traveled throughout Alaska, on behalf of Arctic, speaking to church, and youth groups, public gatherings, adult and youth correctional facilities, and at a variety of public and sporting events.

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