Stephanie Phillips

I am a classically trained five Element Acupuncturist and Alchemical herbalist in Anchorage, Alaska. Graduate of the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Gainesville, Florida in October 2021, I now have a Masters in East Asian Medicine and Herbalism. Certified and board tested by NCCAOM and soon to be diplomate of Oriental Medicine in coming years. Acupuncture has changed my life! I have been practicing as a medical massage therapist for over a decade here in Alaska. Before starting my Masters work I took on a year long apprenticeship with an Acupuncture Shifu as well as continued mentoring with talented healers in the community throughout my education process. I decided to transition to Acupuncture because I experienced the healing through my own treatment and the wellness transformation stories patients shared over the years. For a nuanced medicine it is always surprising how powerful it can be. I am dedicated to bringing the light and healing prowess of this ancient medicine to our community. Part of the magic is that you can heal yourself and I get to assist you on your journey. Five Element Acupuncture is very different than other traditions I have experienced. We use few needles and cater each treatment to your individual constitutional type. As someone who was not a big fan of needles at first, I was relieved to find this to be a gentle yet transformational option. Moxibustion is a large part of our tradition where we use an herb called mugwort which is lit over energy points throughout the body. Mugwort has a light sage like scent to invigorate and move the blood. The Mugwort I use is intentionally harvested and cultivated in Rocky Mountain National Park. Plant medicine is a healing tradition that has been long forgotten in our fast paced pharmaceutical culture. Acupuncture helps us go back to the source of healing that becomes familiar once we are reminded of the power within us. An invitation to come back to the depth of self and reignite the pilot light of passion we have for our own life can be found. My first year out of school has been a lot of constant study – there is so much to read and learn every day. When I am not reading about this expansive medicine you can find me in the mountains, backpacking and communing with nature. I also enjoy stained glass work and ceramics. I would love to connect with you. If you are interested in Acupuncture and not sure it is for you, please contact the front desk to schedule a free 30 minute conversation. I would love to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.