Anchorage Alaska Lake Otis Chiropractic Office

Erin Gomez

Erin’s journey from Tacoma, Washington to Anchorage, Alaska, is a testament to love, adventure, and dedication.  She met her high school sweetheart in Anchorage, where they married and built a blended family of six children.  As a military spouse, Erin has explored the West Coast from Arizona to Califiornia to Washington State, alongside her active-duty Airforce husband.  With a background in healthcare, including work in multidisciplinary clinics and a chiropractic office in Renondo Beach, California, Erins passion lies in helping others.  In her free time, she enjoys traveling, family time, camping, fishing in Alaskan summers, and savoring a cup of coffee.  Now back in Alaska, Erin is delighted to continue serving her community in the state she loves.