Dr. Nicholas Jason

Dr. Nicholas Jason first began his path towards Chiropractic while earning his Bachelors degree at Colorado State University (2003-2007). During that time Dr. Jason was closely working with several different Naturopaths at various health conferences around the U.S. It was at these events where Dr. Jason was able to meet and listen to many different prominent Chiropractors and sparked his own interest in the field. In 2008 Dr. Jason enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida where he started his path to becoming a Chiropractor. In 2011 Dr. Jason graduated Palmer while also having successfully passed all 4 parts of the national boards. After graduation, Dr. Jason began his career in Bangalore India where he was able to help start the first licensed Chiropractic clinic. When he returned to his home state of Colorado he practiced for the next 6 years in two separate clinics. Most recently he decided to seek out the beach and practiced in Jupiter Florida throughout 2019. Missing the adventures of the true outdoors, he set his sights on Alaska, where he can spend all his free time hiking, fishing, and exploring with his dog and sidekick Bruce!