Dr. Levi Baron

Doctor Levi Baron grew up in various small-town communities in Minnesota, North Dakota and Ohio. No matter which Air Force Base his family was stationed at, he found places to enjoy his favorite pastimes of hunting and fishing.  After graduating high school in West Alexandria Ohio, Dr. Baron went back to Minnesota to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Biology with an emphasis in Health and Medical Sciences and received a minor in Chemistry from MSUM.  While at MSUM he was part of various clubs on campus including being the Vice President of the Pre-Health Professionals club. He also met his wife Nicole while pursuing the same major of study.  While studying at MSUM he also fell in love with the human body as a whole, so much so that he changed his major from Pre-Dental to Pre-Chiropractic.  After graduating he went to Minneapolis and began his Chiropractic education at Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU). While studying at NWHSU Dr. Baron truly came to appreciate how efficient and symbiotic the human body really is.  After his 2nd year there he married Nicole and has enjoyed her support and encouragement throughout his professional career.  For Dr. Baron’s final externship of Chiropractic school, he went to Rapid City, South Dakota. However, it has always been Dr. Baron’s dream to live and practice in Alaska. He spent a year practicing at the Wasilla Arctic Chiropractic Clinic and is excited to serve the people of Anchorage. Dr. Baron’s treasured moments are seeing people healed while recovering the functions and activities they had lost the ability to do.