Daniel Parker

Daniel is a local Licensed Massage Therapist, born and raised in Alaska.  He specializes in Swedish massage, both deep tissue and light touch, Tahi massage, acupressure, Reiki, chakra balancing, crystal healing, tuning fork therapy, cupping, and gua’sha. Daniels touch is very relaxing and simultaneously deeply therapeutic, using intuitive energy healing to compliment manual therapy and stretching techniques.

Outside of the workplace, you can often find him training in consciousness movement and marital arts such as Tai Chi, qigong, fire spinning and Kung-Fu for the purposes of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual alignment.  He also deeply loves exploring the great outdoors, climbing, camping, meditation, breathwork, making music, doing energy work, spending quality time with his loved ones, playing video games, and learning new skills.

He was led to massage therapy through a series of life changing events starting with his career as a union iron worker.  In 2018 Daniel experienced a 25ft fall through a roof hands and face first while on the job. After extensive therapy, a newfound love of meditation, and healing both physically and spiritually he began to more seriously shift his focus from construction to the healing arts.  In 2021 Danile and his now fiancé Genevieve, travelled to Hawaii to become reiki certified.  In the year following he pursued massage therapy to expand his healing alongside Genevieve.

Long term he and his partners goals are to create a healing center out in nature, centered around loving kindness, martial movement, energy healing, sound healing, and sustainable living with the land.  In the meantime, he works with the compassion and integrity to be the change he wants to see in the world.